Find & set the perfect pricing for your SaaS
Run pricing tests with
less risk and more upside
. Charge different prices 
based on the user's country.
Stop leaving money (and growth %s) on the table.
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Pricing your SaaS is a never-ending problem
And it's getting tiring...
Problem 1
Trying a new pricing strategy = betting your whole company
Yep, people say "charge more". But what if it doesn't go well? What then?
What if there was a way to try a new pricing strategy, with less downside (things don't go as bad if it doesn't turn out well)
And more upside: you'll know that if you go all-in on that new pricing, it's likely to go well

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Problem 2
All 'pricing' advice on the internet is not... 100% applicable for you
Sure, read all the literature on pricing. Read what company X did with their pricing.
It'll help, but it won't be the silver bullet. Why? Because your company is different from theirs.
Ultimately, real-life data show you what's true. But hey, we're back at problem 1: how do I not risk everything when trying out new pricing?
See even MORE problems with pricing 🥴
Luckily for you, there's PriceUnlock
Getting started takes a few minutes
1. Connect to your payment processor
Sign up quickly, then connect to your  processor (we'll start with Stripe)
2. Copy a few lines of code
A snippet of code will allow us to deliver the correct pricing for each user that you have. We'll give you a function for calling the correct price that will be charged.
No-code compatible!
3. Paste the lines of code
Paste this snippet of code wherever your prices are displayed: "Pricing" page, "billing" section of the app, etc.

We'll show and charge the correct amount for each user.
Alright. Then what? How do you solve these problems?
Then, you'll be using our dashboard to solve these problems.
Have a look.
But if you're short on time, here's the summary of the video
Run pricing tests
Weeks 1 to 4: $29/mo. Weeks 4 to 8: $39/mo. A complex rule system will let you set other parameters (see video)
Schedule pricing tests
Set up 2, 4 or 10 tests. Schedule them back-to-back. Let them run, then come back later to analyse the results.
Localize prices
Set a different price for each country/zone. Oh, and no weird, auto-converted, non-exact prices (bye £3.65 👋)
Decide how localized prices are shown
Show prices in your currency. Or in the local currency. Or... show in local currency but charge in your currency.
Frequently asked questions
So wait, hold on... What are you actually making?
A powerful tool that enables you, a SaaS founder, to unlock growth.

Paste a few snippets of code → you can now test prices and localize them.
Yes but A/B testing prices is illegal!
You don't have to run A/B tests prices at the same time.

You can schedule tests: run them one after another. It wouldn't be illegal to change your price!
Wait so am I gonna charge the same users different prices (e.g. $29 this month, $49 next month, then $39?)
Not at all!

By default, we 'grandfather' users for you. So whoever got in at a price point will not have to pay a different price next month. Users keep on paying the price they got in at, for as long as you want. The various prices you test/set affect new users coming in.
Hmm, okay. What if somebody uses VPN and now I lose money?
We're having Anti-VPN measures put in place.
Plus, when in doubt, we'll show your default price.
And who's behind all this?
Ch Daniel (in the demo video above! Hi 👋) and Ch David (the younger brother). Also, two people who have all the problems listed above, and are in need of PriceUnlock for their main business and an online signature software company
Cool. What's the cost? 🤑
You have to click 'talk to enterprise', read our case study, 'jump on a call', wait for a few weeks while we 'circle back' to.... No, no need for headaches. We're making a simple but powerful tool. So our pricing has to be simple.

One flat fee per month. No % fees. We hate that as well.

But if you want a number, we're... still unlocking our prices.
Great. When can I use it?
Soon! The best way to get an early invite is to add your email address up there, in the header of this page — scroll up 👆

Or just DM Daniel on Twitter and say
"I've got a credit card and I want to get this NOW".
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